engineering CAPABILITIES

Monolith’s engineering team has a wealth of knowledge across various markets enabling them to assist with projects of varying complexity. Our team can design and fully realize any concept you can dream up.

Through custom-built and battle-tested workflows, workstations and render arrays, Monolith’s digital artists, engineers, and technicians work as one to become the orchestra to your production’s director.

Fluent in all 3D production pipelines, our Volume Control team helps you take creative flexibility to another level by allowing entire location changes with the push of a button. Need that perfect golden hour shot? Our engineers can provide it any time of a day all within the power of Volume Control.

Monolith also provides Engineering Solutions for corporate events, trade shows, and live entertainment productions. 


Our Services:

  • Volume Control/Machine Room 
  • High Resolution Screens Management
  • Networking Solutions
  • System Design and Integration
  • Camera Flypacks
  • Volume Control/Machine Room 
  • Media Management 
  • Playback Services


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