We Are Monolith.

We are BIG ideas.  We are Innovators in Virtual Production and we thrive at the intersection of creativity and technology. 

Monolith Studios designs, builds, and manages virtual production projects for film, television, streaming, live event, and commercial work that connect and captivate audiences.

We partner with clients to ignite audiences by weaving story and science.

Monolith works hand-in-hand with clients to re-think the production process.  From Pitch-Vis all the way through to Post-Production, Monolith is an extension of your team.  The more integrated we are in your process, the more value that we bring.  We learn, iterate, and optimize.  

Through collaboration, Monolith helps our clients to build the best version of their vision.

We make things EPIC.

Monolith Studios, Inc is a full-service virtual production and content creation company specializing in proprietary LED volume architecture and content-to-display systems and services, with top-tier technical expertise for customized virtual production workflows.

Our Virtual Production teams oversee the design, construction, and management of our LED Volumes.

Our Content Services teams work to create all visuals needed for your virtual production needs including shooting 2D Plates, Lidar Scanning, and building bespoke CG Elements.

What We Do

Our Virtual Production Services

On-Set Supervision, Engineering, & Playback

Pitch-Vis / Tech-Vis

Realtime Rendering

Single- and Multi-Camera Realtime Tracking

Realtime In-Camera VFX

What We Do

Our Content Services

Art Direction, Concept, and Design

Lidar and 2D Plate Photography

Creation of CG Environments, Vehicles, Props

Visual Effects and Animation

Monolith Studios offers our clients a Turn-key Virtual Production Solution:

We own our own cinema-grade LED panels that can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world that your production is taking place.  Don’t risk your project’s well-being because your LED partner doesn’t completely control its own products.

Our LEDs are the best in the business.  We are  currently the only company in the country that has ROE Black Pearl 2 version 2 (BP2v2) available for rental.

Monolith can provide our top-level engineers, system architects, and technicians to consult and/or manage your project.  Our team members have worked on the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, television shows, and live broadcasts.  We can bring that experience and reliability to your project.

We have our own Monolith stages around the country.  Each is strategically located to provide optimal benefit for your production’s tax goals and accessibility by your talent and crew.

Science + Art + Design

Monolith isn’t about just making an impression — we’re going for the deep impact.  By combining our technical know-how with our clients’ creative visions, we can change the future of film, television, and live broadcast production.  

We’d love to chat with you about your next virtual production project.  Just reach out to come visit one of our soundstages, virtual production sets, or drop on by our offices!

Film & Television Production Are About to Change Forever.

Monolith is the Disruption.


Burbank, CA: 2529 N Ontario Street • Burbank, CA 91504

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Phone: 626-869-6532


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