The World's Best Cinema-Grade
LEDs at Your Fingertips

Monolith Studios has the world's largest supply of ROE Black Pearl 2 Version 2 — cinema-grade LED panels that pass the muster of the top studio blockbusters and award-winning shows. Monolith also provides the renowned ROE CB5 LED panels for use in conjunction with or separately from the BP2v2 panels. Let Monolith Studios customize a solution that fits the exact needs of your production.

Higher Refresh Rates

High refresh rates help to avoid visible scan lines. Monolith’s BP2V2 has a refresh rate of 7680 Hz for optimal cinema projects. Our panels minimize the scanning artifacts by having a high refresh rate in combination with a low scan rate.

Best Components

Our panels have a magnesium frame for durability. The integrated magnet-assisted assembly, LED protection and smart lock system allow for automatic positioning and efficient installation. These features guarantee optimum panel protection during build and break.

On-Camera Optimized

True-to-content effects through outstanding color processing and great contrast ratios. Our screens work with high-end components and state-of-the-art driver ICs; making all the difference for the on-camera performance.


The Largest Inventory Available
to Rent

De-risk your next virtual production project by ensuring you have guaranteed access to quality LED panels. We own our own panels — no subcontracting out like some competitors.



Monolith’s Black Pearl BP2 is specially developed for use in the film industry and xR applications. Featured in large-scale film projects, such as The Mandalorian and Westworld, it's features have been adapted based on extensive testing and industry partners’ feedback. Creating the right canvas for virtual production is not just building any LED screen. It’s where the LED panel, processing, and camera work together, complement and strengthen each other, and really stunning results are achieved. ROE Visual Black Pearl has proven to be the right product for the job. The BP2V2 offers the trusted performance of the BP2 in an updated version with high-speed components. It improves the on-camera performance of the BP2, adding better color management and quicker and easier camera setup and handling.


ROE cb5

Monolith’s CB5 product has excellent brightness, high-quality black or white LED, and a low self-weight making the Carbon series LED panels the perfect solution for touring, sports, or events applications, where large videowalls need to be built quickly. 

  • LED ceiling capability through our durable hanging system 
  • Lighting panels for virtual production sets 
  • Sports Events and Live Broadcast 
  • Festivals 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Advertising