Meet Our

leadership team

Monolith Studios believes that the quality of our team is second-to-none. We are innovators, creators and leaders in the film/television, virtual production, VFX, software development, and infrastructure industries.


Josh Furlow

For almost three decades, Josh has worked in the entertainment, live events, and touring industries, leading companies handling top- line revenues that have exceeded $300 million annually. Previous roles have been at AEG, VEE Entertainment, Ironman, and the Rock & Roll Marathon Series.

Chief Innovation Officer

Fred Waldman

Fred is a preeminent LED architect in the film and television industry. With over thirty years of experience, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and technology in cinema and is a patentholder in many critical aspects of the industry. While pioneering these new techniques and methodologies, Fred has played an integral role working closely with several Oscar-winning Directors and Cinematographers on their award-winning films. The dynamic list of well-known industry professionals that Fred has worked with include people such as Emmanuel Lubezki, David Fincher, Matthew Libatique, Erik Messerschmidt, Bill Pope, and Kenneth Branagh.

Chief Technical Officer

Marty Wickman

Marty is a true lion of the live event production industry with decades of international experience in video / lighting system integration for broadcast television, concert touring and live events. His live events experience is only rivaled by his film/tv resumé. Marty developed custom solutions, integrating lighting, and video platforms for projects including The Mandalorian and the recent Marvel movies. Other notable film projects include A.I., Minority Report, Gravity, and War of the Worlds.


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